Join us at Build.local to learn how to transform your business data into applications! This free half-day event is an opportunity to meet fellow developers, data scientists, and data engineers while taking part in technical sessions created for builders, by builders.

At BUILD.local Amsterdam you will:

  • Build data apps, pipelines, and machine learning workflows using Snowflake as your data platform
  • Learn about Snowflake’s new developer experience, Snowpark, to code in your language of choice
  • Learn about Streamlit to create an interactive web application
  • Build a Snowflake Native App to Analyze Chairlift Sensor Data
  • Meet other members of the community and Snowflake builders from your area
Registration and Networking
How to use Apache Iceberg with Snowflake and AWS

Join this demo session by Tomer Steinberg, Senior Sales Engineer, to see how to integrate Snowflake with a data lakehouse built with Apache Iceberg on AWS. You will learn how to create Iceberg Tables, register them with AWS Glue Data Catalog, and query the same table from Amazon Athena and Snowflake. In addition, you will see how to easily use various Snowflake features like data sharing, time travel, and converting catalogs without any data rewrite or upfront ingest.

Hands-On Lab

Build a Snowflake Native App to Analyze Chairlift Sensor Data by Harke Harkema, Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Networking Drinks and Bites


12 December 2023
16:00 – 19:00