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Drive growth for your organization with a modern customer data platform on Snowflake to deliver the most impactful and timely campaigns to customers and prospects.

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See examples of how leading marketers are turning to Snowflake and customer data platforms to gain new efficiency and optimize marketing campaigns.

Tripadvisor leverages Simon Data and the Data Cloud to create and enrich customer profiles, launch personalized engagements across channels at scale and measure the impact of their campaigns and improve them over time

CompareClub leveraged the Data Cloud to create a single source of truth and power its end-to-end marketing strategies, activate campaigns across marketing channels and conduct timely attribution measurement by sharing data back into Snowflake.

Indeed works with GrowthLoop's no-code platform to enable their marketing team to self-serve and build audiences directly on Snowflake, enabling them to multiply by 8x the number of campaign launches per quarter.

Warner Music Group Leverages Snowflake and Hightouch to “Super-Serve” Fans, Artists, and Labels with privacy-preserving collaboration.

Why Snowflake

For Marketing?

Single source of truth

Maximize efficiency and the impact of your marketing campaigns by tapping into a single source of truth that unifies all your customer and business data, regardless of data source, data method or format.

Governed Data Access

Capture immediate insights to instantly optimize campaigns with low data latency and avoid copying, sharing or exposing private customer data by using your application of choice natively in Snowflake.

Marketing Ecosystem

Tailor the customer experience for the full customer journey across every channel by integrating your Data Cloud with best of breed data activation platforms, CDPs and customer engagement platforms.


Compostable CDP on Snowflake Reference Architecture

Composable CDP

Optimize your existing investments in Snowflake and pair your enterprise single source of truth with modern data activation capabilities to power personalized marketing campaigns and place your customer data at hands of your marketing teams.

Packaged CDP

Work with packaged, out-of-the-box, no-code platforms that offer end-to-end functionality to enable personalization, complex experimentation, and the delivery of connected customer experiences on any channel.

Packaged CDP on Snowflake Reference Architecture


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