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Optimize Advertising


With Snowflake

Reach your desired audiences and maximize return on ad spend by using Snowflake as the backbone of your advertising data stack.

Why snowflake

for advertisers?

Single Source of Truth

Improve advertising reach and campaign effectiveness by unifying all customer and business data, from any source or any method, in a single place.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate with preferred partners and a leading network of media publishers for all your advertising needs across data integration, identity resolution, enrichment, activation and measurement.

Governed Data Access

Capture immediate insights to instantly optimize campaigns with low data latency and avoid copying, sharing or exposing private customer data by using your application of choice natively in Snowflake.

Brands and Agencies

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Maximize the impact of your campaigns. Create a single source of truth across your consumer data sources. Resolve disparate identities, activate with leading media publishers’ platforms and preferred partners, and execute closed-loop measurement, all directly in Snowflake without the need to copy and move data.  


Be the stewards of your client’s data. Drive optimal campaign performance and maximize their return on ad spend. Unlock value for your clients by delivering privacy-preserving audiences across all buys. Break down silos across the ecosystem for true cross-platform optimization, closed-loop measurement, and multi-touch attribution.

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Advertising spend continues to be one of the most inefficient slices of the budget for organizations due to lack of precision or measurement capabilities. Increasingly tight privacy regulations and the looming deprecation of 3rd party cookies and other common identifiers have made legacy solutions inadequate.  

With the Data Cloud, advertisers can create a single source of truth by bringing together all of their customer data, collaborate seamlessly with preferred partners directly in Snowflake, and finally activate their data and execute closed-loop measurement to optimize their ad spend.


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