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AI Data Cloud forFinancial Services

Simplify data architectures and deploy AI to transform customer experiences, strengthen risk management and power business workflows.

Build a Connected Financial Services Data Ecosystem

We are accelerating how banks, asset managers, insurers, payment providers and other intermediaries simplify access to data, enable secure data collaboration and deploy AI solutions to solve critical business challenges.

Connect with the broader ecosystem along with key financial services organizations, top data providers, prominent solution partners and critical service providers—all on the AI Data Cloud.

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Solve Business-Critical Use Cases with the AI Data Cloud for Financial Services

Quantitative Research and Trading

Generate alpha and power faster rebalances, backtests and optimization by bringing together internal and third-party data sources to drive timely AI-driven insights. Easily meet growing data volumes with Snowflake’s elastic multi-cluster compute and ability to manage unstructured, semi-structured and structured data. 

Empower teams to easily consume research by building native applications to collaborate on models internally and externally.

Quantitative Research Diagram for Financial Services on Snowflake
Customer Service 360 for financial services on Snowflake

Customer 360

Personalize investment planning and enhance product suitability with ML-powered predictive customer 360 analytics. 

Improve customer experiences and lifetime value by accessing second- and third-party data assets, including query-ready identity and demographic data through Snowflake Marketplace. Easily manage sensitive customer information between business lines or with third parties securely and compliantly with Snowflake’s security and governance controls.

Financial Crime

Minimize reputational and financial risk by bringing together data from across your businesses and applying AI/ML to detect possible fraud and help meet KYC and AML compliance. 

Deploy powerful models directly within your Snowflake environment to identify risk and automate processes using native applications.

Insurance Underwriting

Create a single source of truth for all relevant data across policy, coverage, claims history and third-party sources from Snowflake Marketplace to better assess risk, optimize pricing and policies, and launch personalized policies. 

Build and share underwriting models to help focus resources and automate repetitive tasks.


Build Your Cross-Cloud Future

The essential data infrastructure to break down data silos and enable the collaboration and connectivity the financial services industry needs.

Use Case Spotlight

Asset Management




Data dashboard

Quantitative research and trading

Improve execution quality and generate alpha by bringing together internal and third-party data sources and leveraging Snowflake’s elastic performance engine.

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ESG investing

Access ESG data to help inform investment decisions and research, enable portfolio construction and help companies comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

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Investor 360

Deliver personalized investment planning and product suitability with predictive investor 360 analytics.


Leaders Across Financial Services

“We’ve given our global investment teams at Aflac the ability to run models without having to wait for hours. Snowflake has removed our technological bottleneck.”


Processes run during multiple concurrent calculations


Savings on database software and infrastructure

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The Financial Services Ecosystem Is Built on Snowflake

Snowflake has a robust ecosystem of partners that provide financial services solutions to enable key use cases.

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Snowflake Marketplace

See the latest listings from essential industry data and app providers like FactSet, S&P, LSEG, Visible Alpha and DTCC.

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Snowflake Partners

Accelerate success by connecting essential systems integrators, technology providers and applications directly in your Snowflake account.

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Snowflake Community

See how leading data practitioners are building the future of financial services on Snowflake.

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