Simplify Your Analytics Landscape and Migrate Your Data From SAP to Snowflake

Discover how Snowflake’s platform provides a simple and elastic alternative for SAP customers to analyse all their data, and learn the benefits of offloading SAP data into Snowflake.

As cloud computing continues to gather speed, organisations with years’ worth of data stored on legacy technologies such as SAP HANA and SAP Business Warehouse (BW) are facing issues with scale, speed, and complexity. Challenges with siloed data and high costs are common, and ongoing interventions are required just to “keep the lights on”. Migrating to the cloud brings many benefits.

Join us to learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud can access valuable SAP transactional data while greatly simplifying your data environment and reducing, by economies of scale, your analytics spend.

We will cover the following scenarios:

  • Replicating SAP BW data
  • Replacing SAP BW
  • Replacing SAP HANA data warehouse
  • Keeping SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) but replacing the source