From Data Clean Rooms to Data Marketplaces: How to Securely Collaborate Across Your Business Ecosystem

Whether marketers are looking for new ways to develop customer 360s that don’t rely on third-party cookies or investment managers are looking to tap into alternative data sources to improve investment decisions, the ability to enhance first-party data with external data is increasingly important.

Join this live webinar and Q&A with Snowflake’s Technical Director, Justin Langseth, to learn how you can use data sharing to break down data silos across your ecosystem.

In this session:

  • Learn how regulatory developments are shifting the landscape of data analysis
  • Dive into Snowflake’s data sharing capabilities, including how to discover third-party data on Snowflake Data Marketplace and how to use data clean rooms
  • Discover how you can utilize data sharing to securely collaborate with your business units and ecosystem partners