Data Processing Redefined: Key Principles for Running Performant Data Pipelines at Scale

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way data is managed and consumed. Architecturally, things that were not possible before are now a reality. Your processing engine can be highly integrated and decoupled from your data, making data pipeline execution performance both concurrent and scalable.

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides powerful processing performance not only for analytical queries but also for what’s needed in modern data engineering. Join this webinar to learn how Snowflake has optimized transformation workloads for our customers, and learn about some key principles to follow when approaching data processing and pipeline execution.

During this webinar and live Q&A session, Snowflake product experts will cover:

  • The paradigm shift of data pipeline processing in the cloud
  • Practical principles to consider when designing data processing and pipelines
  • What’s unique about the Data Cloud and its implication for data engineering
  • Key features to leverage to automate performance