Snowflake for AI AND ML

Securely build and deploy LLMs and ML models.

Example of an LLM and ML chatbot deployed on Snowflake

Use AI in Everyday Analytics Within Seconds

No AI expertise or integrations needed. Access insights via Snowsight using pre-built UIs or SQL / Python queries.  

Build and Deploy AI Apps in as Little as Minutes

Deliver innovation faster with scalable infrastructure and AI stack primitives. Build quick apps in minutes, or go fully custom in hours.

Keep Data and Models Secure and Governed

Safeguard your IP from unintended use with a robust security foundation and role-based access definitions on data, models and apps in Snowflake.

How It Works

Bring Gen AI and LLMs to Enterprise Data

Quickly and securely analyze your data and build AI applications using Snowflake Cortex (in public preview), an intelligent, fully managed service that serves industry-leading LLMs and vector functions.

Asking Llama 2 to extract a custom summary from a Snowflake Table from a Snowflake Notebook (private preview)
Snowflake notebook showing the feature correlation between columns

Build and Deploy ML Models

With Snowpark ML, you can quickly build features, train models and deploy them into production—all using familiar Python syntax and without having to move or copy data outside its governance boundary. Snowpark ML Modeling makes it easy to develop models and Snowpark Model Registry (public preview) makes it easy to manage and govern your models at scale.

Fine-tune LLMs securely in Snowflake

Effortlessly deploy, manage and scale containerized models and fine-tune open-source LLMs using secure, Snowflake-managed infrastructure with GPUs—all within the boundary of your Snowflake account.

With Snowpark Container Services you can run internally developed data products or install and run sophisticated third-party Snowflake Native Apps all within your Snowflake account.

Turn Models Into Interactive Apps

Bridge the gap between AI and business value by using Streamlit’s rich, open-source library to quickly build apps with Python. Deploy and share these apps in just a couple clicks, leveraging the scale, performance and security of the Snowflake platform.


Snowflake Cortex

Quickly analyze text data and build AI chatbots with LLMs and vector search.

Leaders Bring AI to Their DataWith Snowflake

“With Snowpark, the benefits of being able to run data science tasks, such as feature engineering, directly where the data sits, is massive. It’s made our work a lot more efficient and a lot more enjoyable.”


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Eliminate SiloedDevelopment

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the Data Cloud.

Maximize theAI/ML Ecosystem

AI/ML Snowflake Partners

AI/ML Partners

Extend Snowflake’s security, performance and ease with our technology partners.

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