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Runtimes and libraries that securely deploy and process non-SQL code in Snowflake.

Snowpark Architecture Diagram

Libraries and Runtimes

in Snowpark



DataFrame API

Write queries and data transformations using familiar DataFrames. Push down processing to benefit from the performance and scale of the Snowflake elastic processing engine.  

Snowpark ML API: Modeling

Efficiently scale out feature engineering and simplify ML training execution (public preview) directly in Snowflake.

Snowpark ML API: Operations

Snowpark Model Registry (private preview) provides a unified repository for an organization's ML models to streamline and scale MLOps.

User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

Execute custom Python, Java, and Scala code in Snowflake, including business logic or trained machine learning models. Leverage the embedded Anaconda repository for effortless access to open-source libraries.

Stored Procedures

Operationalize and orchestrate your DataFrame operations and custom code to run on a desired schedule and at scale.

Snowpark Container Services

Register, deploy, and run container images (private preview) in Snowflake-managed infrastructure.



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“UDFs bring simplicity, because a lot of Java processing that was previously in Spark is now able to be coded to a UDF and can be easily made accessible for execution as part of a SQL statement.” — Sr. Director Clinical Data Analytics, IQVIA



Snowflake’s unique multi-cluster shared data architecture powers the performance, elasticity and governance of Snowpark

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