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Maximizes Economic Value

Snowflake maximizes economic value for customers by both minimizing TCO and continuously optimizing price for performance.

How Snowflake Maximizes Economic Value for Customers

With a fully managed platform, native financial governance and performance capabilities, and curated resources to help users manage and optimize their spend, Snowflake maximizes economic value for customers.  

One Platform

Unlocks Economic Value

Minimize TCO

The fully managed nature of Snowflake’s Data Cloud minimizes TCO by saving time, manual effort, and headcount. 

Optimize Price for Performance

Snowflake continuously optimizes customers’ price for performance through our native financial governance capabilities, constant performance improvements, and learning resources for cost management. 

Snowflake is committed to

improving value for customers

Snowflake platform

Minimize TCO with Snowflake’s fully managed platform

  • Achieve faster time to insights and to production  

  • Decrease unplanned downtime and operational risks

  • Reduce business operations costs by paying only for actual usage. Snowflake’s consumption-based pricing also eliminates software license fees and recovers storage and server costs

  • Reduce infrastructure costs, administrative efforts, and maintenance so you can reallocate technology resources to higher-value business priorities

Better understand your Snowflake spend with native financial governance features

  • Better understand, monitor, and predict your Snowflake spend

  • Enact controls to limit and manage spend

  • Optimize cost management by identifying and reducing inefficient spend

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Achieve fast, stable, and efficient workloads with Snowflake’s native performance features and continuous platform improvements

  • Automatically benefit from performance enhancements in query times and query processing as they roll out 

  • Experience faster and more efficient querying with transparent platform optimizations 

  • Scale out compute resources with simple virtual warehouse sizing

  • Accelerate workloads with serverless services

Snowflake offers an abundance of resources to help customers better manage and optimize their spend

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