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The Snowflake Data Cloud Helps Anthem Redefine the Future of Health

Anthem's Chief Data & Insights Officer Ashok Chennuru shares how Snowflake helps Anthem deliver on its mission to simplify healthcare and improve lives and communities.

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Indianapolis, IN
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Story Highlights
  • Actionable insights at scale: Snowflake’s flexible platform supports Anthem’s multi-cloud strategy, helping the healthcare leader more effectively generate actionable insights from surging volumes of data.

  • Streamlined data sharing: Access to vast amounts of data helps Anthem predict disease trajectory, while Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing allows Anthem to quickly share this valuable information with partners and healthcare providers.

  • Better patient experience, simpler healthcare: With all of its data on a unified platform, Anthem rallies around a central source of truth to more effectively simplify healthcare.

Video Transcript

My name is Andrew. I work at Anthem. I serve as the Chief Data and Insights Officer. My role in Anthem is how do we turn our data into insights that lead to actions and outcomes and learn from it. In the last 10 years, a lot of providers have moved away from paper, which means there's a lot more data available. 

And with the advent of cloud, the data now can be harnessed for meaningful insights. Snowflake is one of the key components as Anthem transitions from on-premise to the cloud. For Anthem’s multi-cloud strategy, The Snowflake Data Cloud really helped us to translate our data into meaningful, actionable insights at a much faster scale.

One of the recent advancements and success stories that we've had is as we started to move our data to the cloud, a lot of the AI/ML workloads have been moved to the Snowflake Cloud. The Data Cloud is the foundation for how we serve our members or how we collaborate with our care providers. The more data we have, the more accurate your predictions are going to be. 

With the vast amounts of data we have in the cloud, we are able to predict disease trajectories, and then we can share that information to our partners who can in turn work with our members to really support them. When we share data, we can get access to other data as well. So it's overall a streamlined process. 

One of Anthem's main focuses is to simplify health care. And last spring, as COVID started to get more prevalent, we were quick to build a mission control dashboard and it served the entire company that helped everybody rally around one version of truth and make the data actionable. 

The future is really good, and I'm very excited about how Snowflake is helping us to serve our members and simplify health care.



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