Zeta: Zeta Marketing Platform: Customer Data Management

Unified data management for a 360 degree view of the customer


Zeta Global is a cloud-based marketing technology company empowering brands to profitably acquire, grow and retain customers at a lower cost than they could without us.


The Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP), with CDP inside, delivers the next generation of data management and allows brands to achieve a single, persistent view of their customers and prospects, and enriched with Zeta’s unique consumer insights. Marketers get a true understanding of how each consumer is interacting with their brand and what action they will take next. The ZMP’s robust, scalable CDP solution provides real-time data collection, profile organization, unification, segmentation, and AI-driven insights, enabling personalized omnichannel experiences.


•Opportunity-driven insight. From online purchases to support calls and marketing responses to engagement with your ads, get a true understanding of how each customer and prospect is interacting with your brand, and what will happen next.
•Deeper customer understanding. Real-time behavior, interests and purchase intent of customers and prospects determined by Zeta’s proprietary dataset of 225 million consumer profiles and up to 2,500 data signals per consumer.
•Highly individualized experiences. Drive customer acquisition, loyalty and retention with personalized omnichannel communications across advertising, marketing and business operations.


•Speed — Get immediate benefits from Zeta with rapid implementation, instantaneous data ingestion and real-time updates.
•Agility — Reduce update time and quickly adjust to new data types for activation and decisioning with the ability to connect to any type of data source.
•Integrity — Ensure you’re using the best possible data with advanced rules-based systems for data normalization & standardization, hygiene, record unification, and aggregation.
•Transparency — Understand and engage customers – and acquire new ones – with complete visibility over your first party data.
•Expertise — Partner with Zeta’s experts to help maximize the value of your expanded customer knowledge across all channels.
Zeta and Snowflake

The Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) delivers its users value at scale by taking advantage of Snowflake’s flexible, real-time storage and elastic compute. Snowflake’s secure sharing allows data to be accessed on demand outside of the walls of the ZMP. The power and scalability of Snowflake enables the ZMP to present insights and opportunities to guide marketers while providing all the tools to match the right message with the right customer at the right time.

About the Provider:

Zeta Global is a leading marketing technology provider that combines one of the world’s largest consumer data sets with next-generation artificial intelligence to unlock consumer identity, intent, and context for personalized omnichannel messaging that drives business results.

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