Zepl: US Stock Market Data

US Equity Market Data with Historical Values


US Stock Data is often used as a proxy for overall economic health and outlook. These data can be cross-correlated by date to other externalities, such as weather, political change, and in the current case, COVID-19 disease metrics.

The dataset is provided to track the impact of external events, such as Covid-19, against resulting Equity Value changes. The comparisons can be either summary market data (normally by using the Symbol of an Equity Index), Sector Data (industry, market capitalization size, etc.) or individual Ticker Symbols. Historical Stock/Equity Market Data, including key Index Tracking Tickers for US Equity Market Data and Non-US Equities Reported by US Markets.

The intent is to show correlations between external time-series data and related changes in market valuations. It is important to note that markets are affected by many internal (primary) causes, such as company earnings, legal actions and investor sentiment. Markets are also effected by complex externalities that may nor may not be related to the correlation data. And, as always, correlation is no proof of causation.

The data is for Non-Commercial use only, it is under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

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Zepl’s data science and analytics platform brings machine learning to Snowflake users in minutes. Companies use Zepl to answer the hard questions around what is the “new normal” for interacting with customers, employees and suppliers in this post-COVID-19 world. Their US Stock Market Data combines several data sets into notebooks which can be cross-correlated by date to other externalities such as weather, political change, and in the current case, COVID-19 disease. Snowflake users can connect to Zepl in minutes through Snowflake’s Partner Connect.

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