Zenreach Inc: US – Foot Traffic Index

Dataset contains daily breakdown of consumer foot traffic to POIs across various geo breakdowns.


Zenreach Foot Traffic dataset contains daily breakdown of consumer foot traffic at the census block group, zip, city and state across the US. Zenreach Foot Traffic dataset is privacy-compliant and uniquely sourced via direct access to 50M+ US consumers in the Zenreach Network, and is built with Zenreach powered guest wifi software that is trusted and deployed by leading retail enterprises and brick & mortar independent businesses in 10K+ physical locations across the US.

Tables Included:
– Name: Zenreach Foot Traffic Index
– Dimensions: Date, Category, Geo Location
– Metrics: Average Visit Frequency Index, Average Dwell Time Index

Data Set can Include:
– Date
– Demographics
– Category
– Average Visit Frequency Index
– Average Dwell Time Index
– Census Block
– Zip
– City
– State

About the Provider:

Founded in 2012, Zenreach serves tens of thousands of leading brick and mortar businesses. This foot traffic is powered by Zenreach’s technology. Coined as Zenreach Engage, the product automatically tracks customer visits and effortlessly builds and upkeeps rich visitor profiles overtime. The company also created Walk-Through™ Marketing to help businesses with physical locations dramatically improve new customer acquisition and lifetime value by activating digital marketing to drive traffic both in-store and online. Zenreach Attract improves marketing performance 4× by targeting Zenreach audiences based on your best customers. Results are measured via Walk-Through™ Rate, a proprietary metric that shows when someone exposed to an ad visits a location.

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