Yuvoh Analytics: Airbnb Calendar & Listings

Airbnb availability calendar & listings


Yuvoh Analytics data warehouse contains daily snapshots of all the Airbnb properties starting from the year 2018. Each day more than 5 million listings are scanned. Every property availability calendar is recorded for 6 months. Thus, about 1 billion figures and data points are collected daily.

This sample dataset keeps track of all the property attributes and their changes. Listing facets and amenities include: property type, location, bedrooms/bathrooms amount, capacity, host rating, parking lots and many others.

Timeframe: 2018-03-09 through 2021-12-20
Dataset Size: 7.5 Billion rows – 2.0 TB
Timeframe: 2018-09-23 through 2021-12-19
Dataset Size: 1.3 Trillion rows – 6.4 TB
Updates for 2022 coming soon!

Full data product available for licensing on other corresponding Snowflake Marketplace listings.

Property availability calendar information can be broken down by any of the listing attributes and includes not only the availability state, but also the price for each day of the calendar. This allows one to see current statistics as well as historical or seasonal trends of costs.

Consequently this data may be used to estimate and predict yields of the investments and build valuation models based on properties location and attributes.

TableName = Airbnb_Calendar

Table Field Names

– listing_id: Airbnb listing unique identifier
– price: Listing price as of scraping date
– currency: Listing price currency
– available: If listing can be booked for corresponding cal_date
– cal_date: Listing availability calendar date
– ds: Date of scraping

TableName = Airbnb_Listings (Listed Below is a Subset of Available Columns)

– listing_id: Airbnb listing unique identifier

– bedrooms: # of bedrooms
– bathrooms: # of bathrooms
– city: City name as stated in the listing
– picture_urls: A list of listing images URLs
– room_type_category: room, entire flat, entire house etc.
– reviews_count: Listing reviews amount as of scraping date
– space_type: More descriptive room type specification, e.g. Room in boutique hotel
– public_address: Listing address as stated on the source website
– amenity_ids: A list of amenity identifiers of the listing
– host_id: Airbnb listing host unique identifier
– ds: Date of scraping

About the Provider:

We are a Machine Learning property Valuation company and sell our valuation services to lenders, asset managers and other FS companies. To create ML models we need to consume large volumes of data in raw form. This raw data like Airbnb data sets are ancillary revenue lines for our core business.

Visit the provider’s website for more information

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