Yes Energy

North American Power Market Data


Yes Energy has collected energy market data since each ISO’s inception and as a result, we have the most comprehensive and accurate database of energy market data available. We maintain thousands of data series to support analysis across a spectrum of problems faced by energy market participants. Our team does more than just collect complex data. We offer insights and analytics on top so you can build correlations, portfolios and other market signals with our data. This includes access to both data and secure, proprietary functions.

Samples/Tables Included:

ISO Nodal Prices (5 Minute to monthly aggregations)
Load Data (Real time, day ahead)
Outages and Constraints
Ancillary Service
Generation Data
Fields Included:
Reporting Entity & Data Object
Date Time & Timezone
Report specifics for each ISO and publication

Example Use Case:
What’s the DART spread with varying levels of forecast errors? What is the statistical distribution of generation and imports in this region and how does it impact portfolio performance? What is the relationship between outage events and congestion?

About the Provider:

Yes Energy is the industry leader in North American power market data and analytic tools.

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