Yes Energy: North American Power Market Data

We've built the most comprehensive power market database by saying Yes to our customers


Yes Energy is the industry leader in North American power market data and analytic tools. Yes Energy collects, manages, and continuously delivers thousands of real-time & historical power market data series including (but certainly not limited to) ISO/RTO data, LMP prices, FTR auction results, transmission & generation outages, real-time generation & flow data, and load & weather forecasts.

Yes Energy’s DS Cloud offering makes their comprehensive data warehouse available over a Snowflake data share with the look and feel of a relational database plus the elasticity and power of cluster computing. DS Cloud provides ultimate accessibility, via web browser along with analytic tools like Python, R, BowerBI and Tableau.

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Yes Energy’s team of over 50 market data experts are committed to helping North American power market participants be more successful and more efficient. This is achieved by understanding their challenges and developing cutting edge information solutions and it is sustained by an undaunted ‚can do‘ spirit embodied by its entire staff.

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