Wunderman: AmeriLink Data

Marketing information on U.S. consumers unparalleled in its scope of coverage

Dataset Description:

Identify and reach consumers by such elements as purchase transactions, lifestyle interests, ailments, geographic level information, ethnicity, occupation, families with children, online and offline buyers and responders, homeowners, vehicle owners, donors and veterans.

The strategic use of data delivers benefits far beyond its utility as a mailing list. Our professionals offer expert guidance on using AmeriLINK data as part of a broader data strategy to add value to multiple programs including:

  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting
  • Modeling and Analytics
  • Contact Strategies
  • Marketing Operations
  • Advantages of Using AmeriLINK

A true national compilation of marketing information on U.S. consumers, AmeriLINK is updated monthly and unparalleled in its scope of coverage.

  • Exact age for more than 260 million individuals
  • 250 million consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion
  • 120 million mature consumers
  • 40 million families with children
  • 90 million charitable donors
  • Largest source of consumer interests and lifestyles
  • All records are DPV® verified
Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Wunderman Thompson Data is the data and technology experts at Wunderman Thompson. We inspire growth using data to deeply understand human behavior, helping brands to empathize, remember, anticipate and connect; just like people. We help brands learn what people want, what they don’t and most importantly, why.

Our team of 1,000+ data scientists, analytics practitioners, strategists, marketing technologists and data consultants distill the “why” of complex data into powerful insights. We use these human insights to empower and inspire brands with new ideas that strengthen customer relationships and anticipate what customers need today and beyond.

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