Wunderman Thompson Data: AmeriLink Insights

Marketing information on U.S. consumers.

Dataset Description:

The Data Difference:
At Wunderman Thompson Data, we turn information into inspiration. By utilizing data to understand human behavior, we help brands unlock detailed insights about who their customers are and why they do what they do. The depth and breadth of our AmeriLINK universe enables marketers to gain a real-time, holistic, actionable view of their customers, empowering brands to create personalized experiences across every touchpoint.

Create instant human understanding at scale. From strategy to campaign management, leverage powerful human insights across the enterprise to drive real-time, data-led decisions and maximize marketing programs. Choose from thousands of descriptive variables, such as: Attitudinal, Buying Behavior, Demographic, Health Related, Lifestyle and Transactional Data.

Unparalleled in its scope, our AmeriLINK insights are comprised of:
• Exact age for more than 270 million individuals
• 270 million consumers by ethnicity, language spoken and religion
• 130 million mature consumers
• 40 million families with children
• 90 million charitable donors
• Largest source of consumer interests and lifestyles
• All records are DPV® verified

COVID-19 Risk, Readiness & Recovery:
Leveraging our health, demographic and transactional insights with publicly available COVID-19 data, our Risk, Readiness & Recovery application creates a real-time, complete view of COVID-19’s impact on communities, while providing meaningful visibility to inform market-level actions and accelerate recovery.

We help brands assess critical recovery questions:
• What is the economic impact by area?
• What populations are showing signs of economic recovery versus those that continue to remain declined or flatlined?
• Where to start and where to wait?”

About the Provider:

Wunderman Thompson Data are the data and technology experts at Wunderman Thompson. We inspire growth by using data to deeply understand human behavior, helping brands to empathize, remember, anticipate and connect; just like people. We help brands learn what people want, what they don’t and most importantly, why.

Our team of 1,000+ data scientists, analytics practitioners, strategists, marketing technologists and data consultants distill the “why” of complex data into powerful insights, empowering brands with new ideas that strengthen customer relationships and anticipate what customers need today and beyond.

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