Woodseer Global: Dividend Forecasting

Dividend forecast data for 8,500+ equities in over 60 countries


Employing an algorithm + analyst approach, Woodseer provides dividend forecast data for 8,500+ equities in over 60 countries. This approach enables broad coverage and strong accuracy with intraday updates for dividend and disbursement specific items, including ex-date, pay date, record date, fiscal year, frequency, dividend type, amount, and currency.

Data Frequency: Event

Update Frequency: Intraday

  • Algorithmically calculated forecasts reviewed and enhanced by experienced London-based analyst team
  • Global coverage across 1000+ indices and 100+ countries with dividend history back to 2012 included
  • 24 month forecasts of standard and selected special dividends with full dates and amounts

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About the Provider:

Woodseer Global specializes in forecast dividend data and analytics, working with financial service clients across the globe. Established in 2011, with teams in London and Vancouver, Woodseer utilizes a tech-driven approach, supported by expert analysts, to offer strong coverage and accuracy. With automation at the heart of our approach, every new input leads to iterative and consistent excellence in our output – we call it our unfair advantage.

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