Womply: Small Business Economic Benchmark Data for Ohio

Weekly (historical), Revenue & Transaction Data by Industry


This dataset is a sample from our Small Business Economic Benchmark product, which is the most expansive dataset for Small Businesses on the market today. Some of the world’s top organizations trust Womply data, including Fortune 50 companies, federal and state government agencies, Ivy League universities, and respected media outlets.

The Ohio state level dataset from our Small Business Economic Benchmark product contains weekly revenue and transactions for US Small Businesses aggregated by MCC categories that transacted between 3 & 6 months ago. Transaction are summarized weekly by zip code and MCC category. With total revenue, total transactions, and total merchants, a user of this data can analyze week over week performance for average revenue per merchant, and average revenue per transaction.

Samples/Tables Included:

Fields Included:
– Week_of
– State
– County
– City
– Zipcode
– Root Category
– Merchants
– Revenue & Transaction Data (Credit Revenue, Credit Transactions, Unique Consumers)

Example Use Case:
** Use the small business economic benchmark data to join to your retail sales data by store zip codes and industry to understand correlations of sales/inventory with the industry benchmark. Gauge how your business is performing relative to others, and identify other industries to see if there is a shift in consumer spending that you can either capitalize on, or mitigate against.

About the Provider:

Our mission is to help local businesses thrive in a digital world. Founded in 2011, Womply is a local commerce platform that provides apps, APIs, marketing, and financial tools to make local commerce happen for over 500,000 American businesses and their customers. All of Womply’s products and services are powered by the Womply Commerce Graph, a proprietary data asset that offers the most complete view of local commerce.

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