Facebook Ads Data

Stream your Facebook Ads data to Snowflake


This connector helps you to:
– Stream all of your Facebook Ads data to Snowflake in a few clicks
– Select from a list of more than 300 fields on ad, ad set and campaign level
– Select a refresh interval for the data

Workflow to get your Facebook Ads data into Snowflake
– Create a account ( and connect your Facebook Ads accounts
– In 2. Select Destination select Snwoflake as destination
– Enter all the credentials required and clicks Save
– Your Facebook Ads data will now be streamed to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified

For the full list of fields available for Facebook Ads visit


About the Provider: helps you to connect all your marketing, analytics, sales and CRM platforms and stream data into Snwoflake. In Snowflake the data can be modified, joined and visualized in your BI platform of choice

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