Windfall Data: Household Wealth and Recent Mover Data by Zip Code

Household net worth, recent mover net worth and SMB data by zip code


Windfall is on a mission to determine the net worth of everyone on the planet. The company serves organizations by providing actionable consumer financial data that is refreshed on a weekly basis.

This dataset provides wealth information on the zip codes in the US, specifically data on the average net worth of households, loan-to-value ratio, net worth of recent movers, and percent of small business owners in each zip code. This dataset can be used for demographic information, financial information, or marketing to target the right zipcodes.

– Includes one table with all data

Select Fields:
– zip9
– mean_net_worth
– median_net_worth
– mean_ltv
– recent_mover_mean_net_worth
– pct_smb_owner

Example Use Cases:
– Use this database to target zip codes with a net worth that matches your marketing needs

– Use this database to understand the demographics of the areas where you market or are located for a better understanding of your customers or users

– Use this database for better understanding of the financial demographics of different areas in the US

About the Provider:

Windfall can help your organization identify, understand, and engage your affluent customers. We provide precise net worth and other unique personal and household attributes, calculated weekly, for the most up-to-date data.

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