Windfall Data: Affluent Household Net Worth Estimates and Data

Net worth and associated wealth data for affluent ($1M+ net worth) US households


Windfall is on a mission to determine the net worth of everyone on the planet. The company serves organizations by providing actionable consumer financial data that is refreshed on a weekly basis.

We analyze your database and, using our unique matching algorithm, match your customers to any US households with more than $1M in net worth. We then return an appended dataset which includes an exact net worth estimates and 30+ other wealth data attributes so that you can identify, segment and engage your affluent customers.

– Includes match_output table

Selected Fields:
– Net worth
– Recent mover
– Plane owner
– Multi-property owner
– Philanthropic causes supported
– Small business owner
– Accredited investor
– And many other fields available!

Example Use Cases:
– Use this database to find affluent customers, and append wealth data to your database so your product and business teams can get a better understanding of who your customers are and who you should be targeting

– Stack rank your wealthiest customers so you can segment and prioritize your most important customer engagements

– Arm your marketing and sales teams with accurate, precise data so they can identify and engage with the right prospects


About the Provider:

Windfall can help your organization identify, understand, and engage your affluent customers. We provide precise net worth and other unique personal and household attributes, calculated weekly, for the most up-to-date data.

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