Wetter.com: Weather-based demand indices – Data sample

32 models telling demand changes based on weather


With this dataset you can use demand forecast indices for the influence of the current weather and generally for 32 industries and product types. Using this data set you can use the weather as one factor to predict the demand and control your offerings or advertisings accordingly.

This data includes the forecast of weather-based demand for up to 10 days on daily level for a given ZIP code. In comparison to the full data set, this data sample provides information for one ZIP code.

The data can be found here:

The dataset has the following fields:

– date_forecast: Date on which the forecast was created
– country: country of the zip_code.
– zip_code: Zip code for which the index was calculated for a pollen type
– date: date for which the index was calculated
– model: industry / product type for which the indices were calculated
– value: actual impact of the forecasted weather on the given date and zip code. value of 1.15 means the demand is 15 % higher due to the weather than normally.
– class: the class to which level the weather actually influences the demand more generally

The definition of the class is:
1: weather reduces the demand on 10 % of the days
2: weather reduces the demand on 20 % of the days
3: weather has no influence on the demand on 40 % of the days
4: weather increased the demand on 30 % of the days

We offer the following models in this dataset:

– Car-Tyres
– DIY-Activity
– Fashion-Stationary
– Fashion-Ecommerce
– Fashion-Swimwear
– Fashion-Athletic Apparel
– Fashion-Sneakers
– Fashion-Outerwear
– Fashion-Umbrella
– FMCG-Beverages: Beer
– FMCG-Beverages: Coke
– FMCG-Beverages: Coffee
– FMCG-Beverages: Juice
– FMCG-Beverages: Tea
– FMCG-Beverages: Water
– FMCG-Beverages: Wine
– FMCG-Food: Bakery Goods
– FMCG-Food: BBQ
– FMCG-Food: Ice Cream
– FMCG-Food: Snacks
– FMCG-Food: Chocolate Goods
– FMCG-Food: Frozen Goods
– FMCG-Personal Care: Deodorant
– FMCG-Personal Care: Dry Skin
– FMCG-Personal Care: Insect Skin Protection
– FMCG-Personal Care: Body Care
– FMCG-Personal Care: Sun Protection
– FMCG-Pharma: Cold Medicines
– Garden Outdoor: Garden Furniture
– Garden Outdoor: Garden Tools
– Garden Outdoor: Grills Accessories
– Garden Outdoor: Outdoor Plants

About the Provider:

For the past 20 years we have been collecting and analyzing weather data with our own meteorological unit, to provide the most accurate forecast possible for any given location in the world. Within our B2B Data Solutions Unit METEONOMIQS we not only offer historical weather data, but also help companies to use this data efficiently.

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