Wetter.com: Historical Weather Data

Hourly historical and climatology weather data on ZIP level


With this dataset you can use historical weather data to understand how weather effected your business. You can enrich and improve your website, your analysis, or your Data Science project based on weather data. Historical weather data is available on hourly level for a given ZIP code since 2018-01-01.

The data can be found here:

The full list of fields can be found in the documentation, we also provide solar radiation for historical data.
– COUNTRY: Country of the location
– ZIP_CODE: ZIP code of the location
– DATE_UTC_FULL: Date & hour of forecast
– AIR_PRESSURE: Normal air pressure at sea level in hPa
– AIR_TEMPERATURE: Temperature in °C
– AIR_TEMPERATURE_ANOMALY: Temperature anomaly in °C
– CLOUD_COVER: Total cloud cover in 1/8
– DEWPOINT: Dew point in °C
– PRECIPITATION: Total precipitation in mm
– RELATIVE_HUMIDITY: Relative humidity in %
– SNOWFALL: Snow fall in mm
– SUNSHINE_DURATION: Sunshine duration in min
– WEATHER: Weather state
– WIND_SPEED: Wind speed in m/s
– WINDCHILL: Windchill in °C

About the Provider:

For the past 20 years we have been collecting and analyzing weather data with our own meteorological unit, to provide the most accurate forecast possible for any given location in the world. Within our B2B Data Solutions Unit METEONOMIQS we not only offer historical weather data, but also help companies to use this data efficiently.

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