WellDatabase: North America Oil & Gas Well Data

Every ounce of oil & gas well level data you could ever want. Permits, completions, frac, production, and more


Full dataset of all public oil & gas data for the US and Western Canada, updated throughout every day. Full regulatory database of all public filings, from permitting to plugging and everything in-between.

Data is fully sanitized, normalized, and ready for any purpose needed.

30+ tables of detailed well information. Some highlights are:

Headers – Around 6 million well header records
Well Name, Lease & Number
Well Type
Well Status
County, State, Legals including quarters
Current & Original Operator
Permit, Spud, Completion, First Production, & Plug Dates
Surface, Kick-Off, Heel, & Bottom hole locations plus full trajectories

Permits – Over 5.5 million permits
Permitting Operator
Date Submitted
Date Amended
Date Approved
Various state used identifiers to help tie back to regulatory filings

Rigs – Current and historical rig data since 2017
Weekly update of rig data
Location of rig
Drilling Operator
Depth and other information can be referenced by joining rigs and headers

Production – Over 550 million well level production records
Allocated Oil, Gas, & Water where required
Lease level Oil, Gas, & Water available as well
Reported Oil, Gas, & Water in non-lease reporting locations
Producing Operator per period
Producing Formation

Production Forecast – Every currently producing well, forecasted on a monthly basis for the next 10 years
Forecasted Oil, Gas, & Water production
Aggregate forecasts for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years
Date-forward forecasts for the next 5 or 10 years from latest reported production
Fit types, r-values, and r-squared values for every forecast

Stimulation – Full database of all wells frac’d or alternatively stimulated included all ingredients utilized
Frac Dates
Proppant types and volumes
Frac Fluid types and volumes
Identifiers for acid types, energizers, breakers surfactants, and more
Detailed frac stage data where available (primarily Canada)
Normalized CAS ingredient tables for better chemical identification

Additional data includes directional surveys, full well construction details, injection volumes, well history information, gatherer data, disposition (including flaring) volumes, and much more.

Sources for our data include regulatory agencies, USGS, Frac Focus, various university systems, and more.

About the Provider:

Oil and gas data is hard to get, expensive, and complicated

We consolidate, normalize, and analyze data from hundreds of sources.

Our customers get simple access to better data at a better price so they can spend less time digging for data, and more time getting things done.

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