WebInfinity: Partner Engagement Analytics

User and partner engagement analytics - portal user behavior, pipeline and sales performance


This data when correlated with revenue, bookings, certifications, promotions/incentives or campaigns can provide insights into content effectiveness, individual or account sales performance, partner objectives attainment, through-partner revenue, experience relevance, and more.  The data can scale almost infinitely – tens of thousands of unique sessions, assets, and users, over a million searches, unlimited number of transactions.  

This data is being used to understand how to create and deliver experiences for individual types of users or partners with specific roles, preferences and regional differences.

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About the Provider:

Webinfinity is focused on driving engagement between vendors and their partners, manufacturers and their dealer network, companies and their employees or customers. The company’s leadership in digital engagement has resulted in a truly unique product that can be configured for an infinite number of different use cases, users and company types and sizes.

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