Weathernews Inc. – 1km mesh past weather data in Japan

For business analysis and DX


1. Overview

This dataset is reanalyzed hourly at 1km mesh resolution based on the observation data of Weathernews’ largest meteorological observation network in Japan and the weather data and feeling data of weather reports received from Weathernews App users all over Japan.
It can be widely used for product sales, customer visitor analysis, people flow analysis of events and tourist spots, energy demand forecasting, and power generation analysis.


In order to match the needs of each industry, this past data is high resolution by reanalyzing the weather news network of about 13,000 locations nationwide and about 180,000 weather and experience data sent from users a day.
It has achieved high accuracy and efficiency, and can be used for improving business efficiency and marketing analysis.

3. Data summary

– 3.1 Available period
— January 2018-present

– 3.2 Weather element
— Temperature
— Precipitation
— Weather code
— Humidity
— Air pressure
— Wind speed
— Wind direction
— Feeling rank
— Feeling temperature
— Solar radiation
— Sunshine duration

– 3.3 Data resolution
— 1km mesh

– 3.4 Data interval
— Every hour

About the Provider:

Weathernews Inc. is one of the largest private weather information companies in the world.
Based on the philosophy of “I want to help people in an emergency,” we provide information on countermeasures against meteorological risks in various markets.

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