Weather Source: Weather & Climate Data for BI

A curated continuum of past, present, and forecast analytics-grade global weather data and COVID-19 Dataset


There are two datasets available from Weather Source:

COVID-19 Data

Weather Source is offering complimentary weather and climate data for those researching the potential connections between weather and COVID-19 viability and transmission. This share includes global historical weather data dating back to October 2019, present data, and forecast data out to 15 days. The data supports temperature and humidity, both specific and relative, at the daily level.

Weather and Climate Data for BI

Weather Source data, products, and solutions were built for analytics and machine learning. Since 2015, Weather Source has enabled companies to quantify the impact of weather on their business operations and reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, improve resource planning, and more. Seamlessly integrate weather and climate data with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable business intelligence.

Weather Source’s OnPoint data products include:

  • Daily/Hourly Historical Weather Data from 2000 to Present  
  • Daily/Hourly 15-Day Forecast Weather Data
  • Daily/Hourly Climatology Data
Update Frequency:

Daily + Hourly

About the Provider:

Weather Source is a leading provider of weather and climate technologies for business intelligence. Our mission is to provide hyper-local weather and climate data around the globe and across industries.

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