Weather Source: Weather data by postcode

A curated continuum of past weather data to present, current data, and forecast data.


Weather Source is the leading provider of weather and climate analytics data for businesses globally. This share includes the following 6 tables with data at the postcode level for both US Capitals and international cities. Use this data to join against internal data to provide richer analytics.

  • Daily/Hourly Historical weather data from 2016-2018
  • Daily/Hourly 15-day Forecast weather data
  • Daily/Hourly 20-year Climatology data (weather statistics, ie avg, std, freq, etc.)
Update Frequency:

Daily + Hourly

About the Provider:

Weather Source is a leading provider of weather and climate technologies for business. Our mission is to provide hyper-local weather and climate data accessible around the globe and across industries. 

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