Weather Source: Weather Data for the United States – Northeast

A curated continuum of hyper-local past, present, forecast, and climatology global weather data.


Weather Source is a leading provider of hyper-local weather & climate information that was designed for the rigors of data & analytics. Weather Source’s OnPoint Weather Product Suite provides global historical weather in hourly and daily format back to 2000 to present and with a 42-day forward forecast. In addition, we also have historical forecast data in pristine format in both hourly and daily format. The fact that we have a rich, statistically consistent historical data set makes the data perfect for regressions, back testing and building predictive models to mitigate and reduce risk and better forecast the impact of weather on business locations or assets all from a single source of truth.

Weather Source data is easily mapped to points of interest most relevant to your business—from lat/lon coordinates to geographically bounded areas such as ZIP Code, designated market area (DMA), metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and more.

Sample tables:
– Historical
– Forecast
– Climatology

Sample fields:
– Zip Code
– Feelslike
– Precipitation
– Heat Index
– Humidity
– Solar Radiation
– Dail min value
– Daily max value
– Snowfall
– Snowfall Intensity
– Windchill
– Cloud cover
– Wind Direction
– WInd Speed

All data comes from government run inputs and unlike many of our competitors that rely solely on data from airport observation stations and then use simple interpolation methods to extend the data to your location of interest, Weather Source approaches weather in a markedly different way. Weather Source starts with a high-resolution grid that covers all land masses in the world and up to 200 miles offshore and then we ingest all of the best weather sensing technologies available, including satellite radar, IoT and airport observation stations and unifies all of these inputs into a homogenized and statistically consistent gridded dataset that acts as a “single source of truth” so you always have actionable weather information regardless of where your location of interest is located.

All of our data is then easily mapped from our high resolution OnPoint Grid directly to precise lat / lon coordinates or geographically bounded areas such as ZIP or Postal codes, MSA, etc.

About the Provider:

Weather Source is a leading provider of weather and climate technologies for business intelligence. Our mission is to provide hyper-local weather and climate data that is accessible around the globe and across industries. Since 2015, we have empowered organizations to quantify the effects of weather and reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, improve resource planning, and much more.

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