VX Sales Solutions GmbH: German Energy Tariff Data

German energy ranking table for all German post codes and a wide variety of consumption levels.


The energy ranking tables contain tariff price components of the top 50 energy providers in Germany and how they are composed. The source is the Verivox comparison portal (www.verivox.de), which is one of the two largest in Germany. Based on information such as energy price, base price, bonus, etc., the ranking tables enable a wide variety of tariff analyses to be carried out.

The daily ranking tables show the top 50 providers in all German postcode areas and a wide variety of consumption levels for:
– private and business electricity
– private and business gas
– private heating electricity (heating pump)

Fields Included:
– consumption in kWh
– post code
– city
– provider name
– tariff name
– contract duration
– price guarantee duration
– tariff type (e.g. ecological, local)
– price components (e.g. bonus, working price, base price etc.)
– ranking (based on Verivox marketplace)
– and much more

Example Use Case:
Use the ranking table data to get information about German energy tariffs in order to understand the general tariff structure.

About the Provider:

VX Sales Solutions GmbH, based in Heidelberg, is an innovative service company for market data and analysis. Together we support you in the successful marketing of your products. Regardless of whether it is in-depth market analysis, comprehensive user studies or tailor-made campaigns. You benefit from over 20 years of experience. VX Sales Solutions GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Verivox GmbH which is one of the most important comparison portals for energy, insurance & telecommunication in Germany.

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