Visible Alpha: Consensus Estimates

The Most In-Depth Consensus Estimates Available


Visible Alpha captures estimates and assumptions from full working sell-side financial models and creates detailed forecasts that go beyond the standard financial statements, focusing on the key growth metrics and supplemental data that investment professionals use to better understand the factors driving company performance and stock price. Our unique relationships with over 140 brokers gives us access to their analysts’ models, allowing us to provide granular segment-level data, key company drivers and YoY growth available in fully standardized consensus estimates. With coverage of over 6,400+ global companies and averaging 160+ average lines per company, we offer an unparalleled level of depth into market expectations of a company’s performance metrics.

Visible Alpha provides 2 different cuts of this data:

Company Data (CD) – Analyst data made comparable for each company, including segment-level data and key company drivers. Each line item is unique per company.

Standardized Data (SD) – Access comparable data from full financial statements. The data is comparable across our entire coverage universe. Each line item can be fetched for multiple companies.

Sample Tables:
– Company: contains a list of all companies in the Visible Alpha coverage universe along with symbology and reference data points
– Meta: provides descriptive information for all line items (parameters) for all companies
– Consensus: includes Consensus Estimate (forecast) data points and statistics for all companies and all line items (parameters)
– 12 additional tables

Fields Included:
– Company ID
– Company Name
– Parameter ID
– Period
– Revision Date
– Value (Consensus Estimate)
– Number of Brokers
– Min
– Max
– Median
– Standard Deviation
– Consensus Ex Min
– Consensus Ex Max
– Consensus Ex Min Ex Max
– 50+ additional fields

Expected workflow:
– Consumer consults with Visible Alpha to determine the data package that meets their needs and Visible Alpha uses a snowflake share to provide the consumer with our Consensus Estimates database.

About the Provider:

Backed by the world’s leading investment banks, Visible Alpha is dedicated to creating the deepest consensus in the market, with more and higher quality sources, and longer-term forecast horizons. We bring clarity to the market’s complex spectrum of ideas, perspectives, and analysis.

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