Viscacha Data: Target Sales, Inventory & Prices Trial

Daily and hourly data from Target stores and e-commerce sales


Viscacha Data tracks inventory statistics of big box and specialty retailers at a high frequency to detect changes that reflect sales or restocking of products. This dataset monitors sales at Target (TGT) on an hourly basis for e-commerce and daily basis for in-store sales. SKU-level sales are tracked and reported as soon as 15 minutes after they occur. Join sales, inventory, price, and promotion info with over 100 metadata fields that detail product specifications, reviews and ratings, and ESG factors like country of origin and toxin disclosures. Data is validated with in-store checks and test purchases to ensure accuracy.

Tables included:
– Aggregated Brand Sales
– Product Details
– Store Details

Fields/Attributed included:
– SKU & Store ID
– Brand & parent company stock ticker
– Units and dollars sold
– Current inventory quantity
– List and discounted Price

Example Use Case:
Analyze CPG brand sales in realtime — Target sells products produced by over 350 publicly traded companies. This dataset shows how those products are selling and when they are being restocked on an hourly basis. Use it to track general performance, the efficacy of promotions and marketing campaigns, and response to secular trends. While a significant portion of sales often come from Target, this data source tends to explain a greater proportion of variation in sales since sales at Target are typically quite correlated to other sales channels.

About the Provider:

Viscacha Data tracks real-time sales, inventory, and price data from big box and specialty retailers to give a direct line of sight into which products and brands are being sold for financial services and consumer companies.

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