Vibes: Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform

Unified Mobile Messaging Platform


Vibes Messaging and Subscriber data includes when consumers became part of a customer’s mobile audience, how the brand engaged with that audience through outgoing SMS/MMS/Push messages, and how that audience engaged with the brand through incoming messages, clicks, and wallet installs.

Samples Tables Included:
– CLICKS: Shows all clicks on links generated from the platform
– MESSAGES: Shows all SMS/MMS messages coming to and from the platform
– PERSON_DATA: Shows meta data assigned to an individual
– SUBSCRIPTIONS: Shows all subscription events
– SUBSCRIPTION_STATUS: Shows all subscriptions and their current status, as of the last update
– WALLET_INSTANCE: Shows all installs of mobile wallet objects

Fields Included:
– PERSON_KEY: Vibes unique identifier
– EXTERNAL_PERSON_ID: Customer unique identifier
– PHONE_NUMBER: Consumer’s phone number
– DW_CREATED_AT: When the data was loaded into our system
– DW_UPDATED_AT: When the data was updated

Example Use Case:
Most customers use their data to:
– Sync subscription status and data between the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform (via Snowflake) and their CRM system or other vendor systems
– To run ad-hoc queries to analyze recent data (last 7 days) to understand campaign performance or troubleshoot systems

Expected Workflow:
– Vibes customers access snowflake via their Snowflake account or a reader account
– Customer’s subscriber and engagement data is accessible via Snowflake Data Sharing

About the Provider:

Vibes helps companies to grow and activate consumer relationships with thoughtful, relevant, high volume and global-scale mobile engagement from text to wallet. The company’s software platform enables marketers and customer loyalty professionals to connect with consumers using a unified native platform of SMS, MMS, dynamic wallet, mobile push notifications, app inbox and performance analytics, to become the backbone for these brands’ overall digital engagement strategies.

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