Vertical Knowledge: Company Metrics and Reviews

Rating and Reviews on 1 million public and private companies


VK’s Company Metrics and Reviews Data Set contains company name, location, size, and rating information pulled from the leading company review site in the world. More granular data such as pros/cons, CEO name and CEO rating is also available to be analyzed. The data set has global coverage, is updated bi-weekly and has been collected since 2019 including reviews that go back as far as 2010.

This data set allows access to comprehensive company metric and review data from the number one company review site in the world. Users can track growth by company or location over time to pull actionable investment insights. By aggregating company ratings and applying natural language processing to review data users can obtain employee sentiment across companies and industries.

This data set is an excellent source for Private Equity firms who are looking to acquire additional portfolio companies allowing users to search by demographic, sector and company size. It also provides useful competitive intelligence allowing users to compare across similar companies.

Samples/Tables Included:
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Sample Fields Included:
Overall Rating
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About the Provider:

Vertical Knowledge provides financial institutions a secure, compliant platform delivering research-ready external data from public sources. The platform enables access to information across the web which often can prove to be challenging to identify and collect. Vertical Knowledge offers a wide and diverse set of enrichment capabilities as part of an automated workflow process delivering insight for clients to act upon.

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