Veritone: AI-driven Text Insights

Text Analytics


Use aiWARE, a hyper-expansive Enterprise AI platform, to obtain extract greater insights from text-based media. With an ecosystem of over 300 up-to-date, which ready-to-deploy machine learning models, you can begin structuring all the unstructured data trapped within audio, video, text, and other data sources. With these new insights, you can create actionable intelligence at scale with no AI expertise in the Snowflake ecosystem.

With Veritone you can:
-Translate text in over 110 languages and dialects
-Detect one or multiple languages in text
-Classify content into predefined categories based on the text it contains
-Classify and extract entities in text into categories such as people, organizations, and places
-Identify specific terms and/or phrases in text
-Determine sentiment and tone in text to classify by emotion
-Generate a summary of all or selected portions of text

Expected Workflow:
-Navigate to Veritone Marketplace tile and click “Request Data”
-A Veritone representative will reach out
-Provide output requirements and media files / streams
-Consume data in Snowflake

Sample Fields:

About the Provider:

Veritone is a leader in enterprise AI software, services, and applications, helping companies transform their operations and solve the complexities of digital information today. With our AI solutions and rich partner ecosystem, our customers can address their current and future challenges, empowering them to run more efficiently, accelerate decision making, and gain a competitive edge.

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