Veritas Data Research: Fact of Death – US Mortality Index for Data Enrichment

The most comprehensive, timely, and reasonably priced mortality resource available


Real-world data (RWD) data sets are often missing one of the most basic pieces of information necessary to truly understand the impact of treatments – did the patient survive or not? Unless a patient expires in the hospital, a mortality event is not recorded in the EHR, insurance claim, or other healthcare transaction data records. With Veritas Data Research’s FACT of DEATH, you can now add critical patient-level mortality information to your analysis.

With frequent updates on reported deaths collected from over 40,000 sources, the Veritas mortality index covers over 90% of deaths in the United States with nearly 90% reported within a month of death. With the comprehensive and timely FACT of DEATH file, organizations are able to consistently leverage mortality as a foundational element on analytics and patient management platforms.

Expected workflow for access can be completed via the described below options:
1. Consumer signs commercial agreement for annual subscription and full file access; OR
2. Consumer shares a patient list/dataset with Veritas for secure matching
3. Veritas returns consumer’s enriched data to Snowflake via data sharing

Minimum fields include:
– Veritas reference number
– First Name
– Last Name
– Other Names
– Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)
– Date of Death (YYYY/MM/DD)
– Age
– Gender
– City
– State
– Country
– Data Source (list of web pages that contribute to record)

* Additional fields can be shared for clinical operations or fraud prevention use cases

About the Provider:

Founded by experts in the data analytics industry, Veritas uses cutting-edge technology and efficient workflow design to collect, curate, and certify foundational reference datasets. Veritas makes critical information accessible to data/analytics teams and companies, their customers, and other stakeholders.

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