Veradigm: Trial PINNACLE Registry

This file is a 6-month sample including patients enrolled/active in the PINNACLE Registry.


The PINNACLE Registry® is cardiology’s largest outpatient quality improvement registry, capturing data on coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Veradigm offers this clinical data registry operated in association with the American College of Cardiology (ACC). The PINNACLE registry provides a longitudinal view of the presentation, progression, management and outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes as they receive care and treatment from multidisciplinary care teams. The PINNACLE registry is currently enrolling practices across multiple specialties, specifically primary care, family care, internal medicine, endocrinology and cardiology.

Tables Included:
– AfibAssessmentDIM
– AfibDIM
– AlcoholTobaccoUseDIM
– CardiacDiagDIM
– CardiacEventDIM
– CardiacEventDTL
– ClientDIM
– ClientLocationDTL
– ClientPatientDIM
– CodingStandardDIM
– EpisodeCardiacOccurrenceDTL
– EpisodeConditionDTL
– EpisodeEncounterDTL
– EpisodeLabResultDTL
– EpisodeMedicationEXT
– ExportControlFile
– ExportLog
– HFPhysOrSympAssessDIM
– LaboratoryTestDIM
– LaboratoryTestUnitOfMeasureDIM
– LV_QualityAssessmentDIM
– MedicationAdministrationDIM
– MedicationDIM
– MedicationDoseFrequencyDIM
– MedicationDosingMeasureDIM
– NonCVDiagDIM
– OperatorDIM
– PayorDIM
– PlanOfCareHFCounselingDIM
– PlanOfCareHFEduDIM
– RaceEthnicityDIM
– SubmissionDIM
– SubmissionPatientDIM
– VascularDiagDIM

About the Provider:

Founded in November of 2018, Veradigm is a health information technology, analytics and intervention solutions company. We are dedicated to simplifying the complicated healthcare system with next-generation technology and solutions, transforming healthcare from the point-of-care to everyday life.

Now the largest source of de-identified ambulatory patient records available, our unique portfolio provides data-driven actionable insights, derived from best-in-class analytics, and integrated with point of care technology solutions to help improve the quality, efficiency and value of healthcare. Our solutions support biopharma, health plans, healthcare providers, health technology partners, and most importantly, the patients they serve.

That is how we are transforming health, insightfully.

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