V12: V12’s Consumer Intelligence & Audience Targeting

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V12’s Consumer Intelligence dataset is the most accurate information resource on over 260+ million consumers over the age of 18. Profiles are enhanced with demographics, shopping behavior, lifestyle categories, and contact data. Overall, this dataset features over 200+ attributes of consumers. This dataset can be used for analytical purposes to better understand a set demographic or consumer group, or used to target these individuals across channels.

Use Cases:
– Overlay consumer data over your internal CRM data on Snowflake to better understand your customers’ demographics, shopping behavior, and more. Similarly, append missing customer contact details to enrich your records & outreach.
– Query V12’s dataset by over 100 different interest based attributes to create targeted audiences.
– Identify unknown visitors on your site and run rich analytics to better understand who’s interested in your product, and then market to them seamlessly to ensure they convert.

Data Attributes Examples:
– Email Address & Validation
– Address
– Demographics (Age, Ethnicity, Education, Family Makeup, etc)
Income (HHI, Home Value, Credit Card Holder & Credit Range, Net Worth, etc)
– Over 100 interest based attributes
– Dozens of Purchase Categories
– Donor Status
– For full list please email: [email protected]

About the Provider:

As a leading marketing provider of customer acquisition solutions, V12 combines rich data assets with robust technology to provide brands with end-to-end customer acquisition and retention solutions to achieve maximum ROI. Our data and technology platform links customer records with our proprietary blend of online, offline and digital marketing data for highly personalized, one-to-one consumer marketing, regardless of device or channel.

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