Unified ID 2.0: Data Provider Identity Solution

Maximize opportunity by converting your CRM data to Unified ID 2.0.


As the addressable advertising industry reduces reliance on the third-party cookie, Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) enables deterministic identity for advertising opportunities on the open internet while providing consumer transparency and control. As a partner, you can use the Snowflake UID2 integration to securely share authorized consumer identifier data without exposing sensitive PII.

With the Unified ID 2.0 identity solution you can map user PII data to UID2s, thus allowing UID2-enabled partners to use your first-party data to run more efficient advertising campaigns without revealing any PII.

The UID2 Share reveals only essential data needed for you to perform the UID2-related tasks. It authorizes access to two functions that allow mapping single or multiple email addresses or email hashes to the corresponding UID2s, and a view that helps identifying outdated UID2s that must be regenerated.

Samples/tables included:

– Map email addresses to the corresponding UID2s and the second-level salt bucket IDs
– Map email address hashes to the corresponding UID2s and the second-level salt bucket IDs
– Last salt update time for each second-level salt bucket

Fields included:

– UID2
– Second-level salt bucket ID
– Date and time of the last salt update

About the Provider:

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) is a deterministic identifier based on PII (for example, email or phone number) with user transparency and privacy controls. The UID2 identifier enables logged-in experiences from publisher websites, mobile apps, and CTV apps to monetize through programmatic workflows. Initially built and maintained by The Trade Desk, stewardship of UID2 will transfer to independent organizations for open-source code management, governance, administration, and system operations.
*currently managed by The Trade Desk

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