TrueData: U.S. Omnichannel Identity Graph for Publishers

The graph links HEMs, MAIDs, CTV IDs (IFAs), UID2.0 together in a simple, privacy-first implementation.


An Omnichannel Identity Solution that connects people and households to their digital devices. Built on real-time deterministically sourced data drawn from a proprietary network of 950+ publishers, TrueData’s open & independent Omnichannel Identity Solution is customizable to each providers’ needs and always offers unlimited data usage without paying tolls.

TrueData enables publishers to scale addressable inventory and reclaim drops in CPMs by appending identifiers including Unified ID 2.0, CTV ID, and Home IP into first party identity graphs. TrueData delivers the most adopted open linkage standards, resulting in more accessible and biddable ad inventory for publishers.

Sample Tables
– Omnichannel Identity Graph
– Omnichannel Identity FIrehose (Raw Event Feed)

Sample Fields
– Hashed Emails
– Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs)
– Home IP
– UID2.0
– Timestamp

Expected workflow:
Seamlessly access TrueData’s Omnichannel Identity Graph via Snowflake weekly for your identity resolution needs.

Data Sources:
Deterministic registration events across mobile, desktop and connected device publishers and other adtech and data companies.

About the Provider:

TrueData, a leader in independent identity resolution, built an omnichannel identity graph that connects people & households to their digital devices. Customers can easily connect data, target segments, profile customers, and measure results.

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