TrueData: U.S. Omnichannel Identity Graph for Advertisers

The graph links HEMs, MAIDs, CTV IDs (IFAs), UID2.0 together in a simple, privacy-first implementation.


An Omnichannel Identity Solution that connects people and households to their digital devices. Built on real-time deterministically sourced data drawn from a proprietary network of 950+ publishers, TrueData’s open & independent Omnichannel Identity Solution is customizable to each providers’ needs and always offers unlimited data usage without paying tolls.

Advertisers (brands/agencies) looking to future-proof their identity resolution strategies can easily match, append, and onboard first-party data. Our cookieless approach enables advertisers to accurately profile their customers, target first party audience segments, and measure results at scale.

Sample Tables
– Omnichannel Identity Graph
– Omnichannel Identity FIrehose (Raw Event Feed)

Sample Fields
– Hashed Emails
– Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs)
– Home IP
– UID2.0
– Timestamp

Expected workflow:
Seamlessly access TrueData’s Omnichannel Identity Graph via Snowflake weekly for your identity resolution needs.

Data Sources:
Deterministic registration events across mobile, desktop and connected device publishers and other adtech and data companies.

About the Provider:

TrueData, a leader in independent identity resolution, built an omnichannel identity graph that connects people & households to their digital devices. Customers can easily connect data, target segments, profile customers, and measure results.

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