True Influence: Proprietary Intent Data Feed

Essential B2B Insights for Todays B2B Market Place


Intent Data is a collection of analytically curated behavioral signals that help interpret B2B purchase intent. It is often used to enhance the effectiveness of the sales and marketing tech stack by improving customer and prospect targeting and tracking of the customer journey through the sales funnel. Using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to gather and analyze billions of intent signals, True Influence identifies individuals and organizations researching relevant B2B topics. Using our proprietary Identity Triangulation technology, True Influence identifies contact level intent and provides that data as part of the feed.

The Intent Data feed is updated weekly and contains full contact details as well as domains, intent topics, and intent ranking scores.


• Data for martech/sales tech stack platforms and initiatives
• Data to optimize digital media execution
• Data for customer segmentation & analysis
• Data for campaign acquisition, retention, cross sell/up sell and attrition analysis
• Additional intent contact records for marketing and sales

The data is collected, managed, and maintained according to applicable regulatory and compliance standards including GDPR, California Privacy Policy and Do not Sell my Data policies

About the Provider:

True Influence is an award-winning pioneer in B2B intent data acquisition, identity graphing and advanced signal analysis: through our proprietary Relevance Engine ™ we enable businesses to more accurately identify and target customers across multiple devices and communications channels.

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