Traject Data: Traject Data: New Business Discovery – Market Entry Analysis Data

Comprehensive, customized business listing data for use in growth strategy for new verticals.


Capture important business listing details for any business type or industry vertical (search term), for any geolocation in the world. The dataset includes comprehensive Google Business Profile details for each of the search results. The New Business Discovery: Market Entry Analysis Data can be collected at the frequency required for your business needs (i.e. daily, weekly, etc.).

The delivered dataset parses each individual part of the Local Knowledge Panel (Google Business Profile) into its own column. We can customize the appearance based on the available data points for your search. Each unique result is represented as an individual row in the data table.

Key Data Points Included:

– Business Name
– Business Category
– Business Description
– Google URL
– Phone
– Address
– Place ID
– Star Rating
– Number of Google Reviews
– Hours (if applicable)
– Menu (if applicable)
– Order (if applicable)
– Reservations (if applicable)
– Business Status
– Google Maps URL
– Google Place Actions (i.e. Check availability)
– Hotel Rate (if applicable; price details, base price, source URL)
– Hotel Amenities (if applicable)
– Google business attributes (varying categories depending on type of listing)
– Third-party aggregator ratings (depending on type of listing)

How can Traject Data’s New Business Discovery: Market Entry Analysis Data be used?

– Prospecting – building a hyper-local inventory of businesses in an area
– Opportunity identification
– Competitive landscape analysis

In addition to public datasets, Traject Data offers personalized datasets, which include SERP data pulled from top search engines. Via an accessible API, submit millions of keywords and pull every search results page attribute that your team needs to inform your SEO and paid strategy.

About the Provider:

Traject Data delivers search and reputation data at scale. It powers search services and business strategy with a complete picture of the data points behind SEO and other performance reporting. Gain new insights on generating revenue and reducing spend.

Traject is a global company, with headquarters in Bellevue and a robust remote team in 22 cities and 11 countries.

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