Traject Data: Search Engine Data

Results for search queries including: organic, ads, and rich snippet SERP data


Analyze search performance at scale. Fuel your data analytics with the most powerful SEO data available. Gain access to every rich search feature needed to accurately measure your SEO performance.

With the most comprehensive set of daily SERP data points, Traject Data’s SERP API makes it easy to track rankings and discover SERP feature opportunities. Pull raw search results data from our system into yours; queue up a keyword, search engine, and location combination, and we’ll return the top ~100 results in JSON, CSV and/or HTML format. From there, parse out rankings and data mine the full SERP list.

What does Traject Data include?
– The top 100 Google, Yahoo, and Bing SERP listings of each query
– Every data attribute as it appears on the page for a given keyword
– SERPs data by device type: desktop or mobile
– Local SERPs data by any geolocation
– Organic and paid results
– Rich snippets: Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panel, Local 3 Pack, and more
– Image, video, News and Shopping packs

Who uses Traject Data?
Traject Data is leveraged by marketers, data analysts and data engineers, SEO specialists, advertising agencies, digital marketing teams, enterprises, and SaaS platforms.

Anyone in your organization who works with your digital presence can develop business intelligence and strategy using this SERPs data.

About the Provider:

Traject Data delivers search and reputation data at scale. It powers search services and business strategy with a complete picture of the data points behind SEO and other performance reporting. Gain new insights on generating revenue and reducing spend.

Traject is a global company, with headquarters in Bellevue and a robust remote team in 22 cities and 11 countries.

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