Traject Data: Amazon Product Results Data

The most complete, real-time Amazon product, customer reviews, seller offers, and bestselling products data


Capture all Amazon product listing details with confidence that you are getting complete and current data. All Traject Data: Amazon Product Results Data sets include comprehensive coverage of each of the product search results in a cleanly structured output.

Traject Data’s advanced parsing means the results returned are exactly what a human user would see. You can request data from any Amazon domain and originate your request from any country in the world. The high-capacity, global infrastructure of the Rainforest API assures you the highest level of performance and reliability. For easy integration with your apps, data is delivered in JSON or CSV format.

Data is retrieved in real time, by search term, or for single products, by global identifiers such as GTIN, ISBN, UPC and EAN rather than Amazon ASIN. The API automatically performs the ASIN conversion for each request. You can also submit a product page URL instead.

So what’s in Traject Data: Amazon Product Results Data?

– Brand & manufacturer
– Manufacturer & Amazon product descriptions
– Specifications
– Buy Box Winner: price, etc.
– 1st party, 2nd party & 3rd party seller data
– Additional product details (i.e. energy efficiency, add-ons)
– A-Plus content
– Imagery
– Product videos
– Category details (category, bestseller category)
– Deals (types, states)
– Bundles
– Seller offers (including delivery options)
– Frequently bought together / Also bought
– Also viewed / Similar item to consider
– Rating & reviews
…and more available, according to your request parameters.

How can Traject Data: Amazon Product Results Data be used?

– Product listing management
– Price monitoring
– Category & product trends monitoring
– Market research & competitor intelligence
– Location-specific & cross-border Amazon shipping data

Who uses Traject Data: Amazon Product Results Data?

This data is leveraged by software developers, marketers, founders, sales & business development teams, researchers, and data analysts & engineers in ecommerce, other retail/wholesale business, agencies and SaaS platforms.

Anyone in your organization who works with your digital presence can develop business intelligence and strategy using this advanced product data.

About the Provider:

Traject Data delivers comprehensive SERP (search engine results page), reputation and ecommerce product data at scale. Traject Data powers search services and business strategy with a complete picture of the data points behind SEO and other performance reporting.

Traject is a global company, with headquarters in Bellevue and a robust remote team in 22 cities and 11 countries.

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