Traject: 2020 U.S. Election Dataset

A collection of SERP data related to COVID-19 search queries across a variety of US states and metro areas


This specific dataset is based on the top 1,000+ search terms related to the 2020 U.S Election. It is a collection of SERP results from Google for each of the top 50 U.S. metros and all 50 U.S. states. The 2020 U.S. Election search term SERPs data is collected on a weekly basis compounding over time. Similarly, additional 2020 U.S. Election search terms will be added as the national political conversation evolves and new Google trends emerge.

The delivered dataset parses each individual SERP feature into its own column (i.e. search term, position, destination url, domain, etc.). Each individual SERP result is represented as an individual row in the data table.

What does the Traject Data 2020 U.S. Election Dataset include?

  • The top 100 Google SERP listings of each query.
  • Every data attribute as they appear on the page for a given keyword.
  • SERPs data by device type, desktop, or mobile.
  • Local SERPs data by city or zipcode.
  • Organic and paid results.
  • Rich snippets: Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panel, Local 3 Pack, and more.
  • Image, Video, and News packs.

How can the Traject Data 2020 U.S. Election Dataset be used?

  • Identify election trends and evolving SERPs.
  • Inform organic SEO and content creation strategy for campaigns, media publishers, research firms, and political organizations.
  • Produce a research study on how Google ranks election related searches.
  • Track keyword rankings across millions of keywords.
  • Blend with other data sources to identify 2020 U.S. election related search volume.
  • Monitor local volatility of SERPs across geo-location specifications.

In addition to public datasets, Traject Data offers personalized datasets as well which includes SERP data pulled from top search engines. Via an accessible API, submit millions of keywords and pull every search results page attribute that your team needs to inform your SEO and paid strategy.

About the Provider:

Traject is a global company, with headquarters in Bellevue and a robust remote team in 22 cities and 11 countries.

By delivering a suite of flexible, scalable, and innovative marketing tools and datasets, Traject helps you to grow your agency or in-house marketing capabilities. For data that scales with you – use Traject Data. Providing the most accurate search and reputation data in the market, we pull what you need from the source, so you don’t have to.

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