Token Flow Insights: Ethereum tokens

Full list of Ethereum tokens and transfers


The dataset contains full list of all identified Ethereum tokens (ERC20 and NFTs) and full history of their transfers (including ETH).

This is a Beta Version provided under the Terms of Service linked below and cannot be used for any production-grade solutions.

The Tokens dataset includes:

– metadata information – TOKENS:

– ADDRESS Token address (Primary Key)
– STANDARD Token standard (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
– SYMBOL Token symbol
– NAME Token name (can be null)
– DECIMALS Token decimals (can be null)

– transfers information – TRANSFERS:

TIMESTAMP Timestamp of the transfer
BLOCK Block number of the transfer
TX_HASH Hash of the transaction that includes the transfer
TX_SENDER Address of the transaction sender
CALL_ID ID of the internal trace of the transfer
TOKEN Transferred token address
SYMBOL Token symbol
NAME Token name (can be null)
STANDARD Token standard (ETH, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155)
DECIMALS Token decimals (can be null)
SENDER The transfer sender address
RECEIVER The transfer receiver address
AMOUNT Amount of transferred tokens
HEX_AMOUNT Hexadecimal amount of transferred tokens
TOKEN_ID Decimal representation of the token_id for NFTs
GAS_USED Amount of gas spent on the transfer


Ether transfers are identified using the value attribute of successful internal traces of all transactions (i.e. changes of Ether balance due to other reasons like paying gas, rewards, etc. are not considered to be transfers).

ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token transfers are identified using Transfer, TransferSingle and TransferBatch events successfully emitted by tokens included in the Tokens dataset.

Additionally Deposit and Withdrawal events are used for compatibility with WETH.

ERC-1155 batches are transformed into separate transfers and a new row is created for each transfer included in the batch.

Token_id column contains numeric (decimal) values but is implemented with VARCHAR type due to size limitations of numeric types.

Amount column contains integer values that should be divided by token decimals (if available) to get the actual value of transferred ERC-20 tokens. For some edge cases this value can be bigger than the allowed numeric size (i.e. 10e38) and in such cases we consider it invalid and the value of the Amount column is set to 10e38 – 1).

Hex_amount column contains the unconverted hexadecimal amount of transferred tokens and can be alternatively used in case of problems with precision.

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